The Wonder Years // Washington Square Park

First Unitarian Church

March 2, 2011

“We have a record out called the Upsides. And to me, it’s a record about hope. And it’s a record about fighting back, because seriously think about Philadelphia, if you don’t like your life, if you don’t like where it’s going, if you feel like every single day the world takes a shit on you, you gotta stand up and you gotta change that. If you want a better life. No one’s gonna hand it to you.” - Dan “Soupy” Campbell, March 2, 2011, First Unitarian Church


We live our lives afraid of the mistakes we’ve made. We’re afraid of the people we might become. We’re afraid of our failures and so we’ve become content with our mediocrity. We make excuses about the places we came from and the things we can’t change. We’ve settled for good. We’ve stopped fighting for great.

People say The Greatest Generation grew up during The Great Depression and fought in World War II. They say they were selfless and determined. They say they shaped who we are now. They’re right. But it begs the question: Why not us? Why aren’t we reaching for the same? Why can’t we be The Greatest Generation?

Your depression, your anxiety, your pain, your disillusion with the world; it’s time to put it all aside. We’re sick of settling for good. We’re sick of calling someone else the greatest. It’s our turn to shape the world. This is our chance to push through the challenges and the setbacks and define ourselves. I want to be remembered for more than this. I think we all do.

People say, “The Greatest Generation has come and gone,” but they’re wrong. They haven’t seen what we’re capable of.

“The Greatest Generation” by The Wonder Years (via alextoor)


This isn’t the blog I was writing in my head at 5pm today. That blog was going to be harsh and it was going to be personal. It was going to be a reaction to a series of events that happened in response to a review I wrote for AP.net yesterday. Here’s a short breakdown.

I listened to the new…



Okay, I know you guys have already heard the song - but please click the link above to check out the interview. I worked for about two months to secure this song premiere and the interview is insanely long and detailed. It took forever to do this premiere. You guys will love the interview - I promise. 

Some snippets from it right here:

“This is The Wonder Years, and we make Wonder Years records.”

“I think what you get on this new one are these recurring themes that manifest themselves as images. You’ll see them come up a lot, there are five of them: It’s ghosts, bombs, pill bottles, birds and devils. They each have their own meanings, but I don’t want to really dig too deep into it because I don’t want to rob anyone of the fun of exploring the record and piecing it all together themselves. But you’ll see those five images meandering through the songs and begin to piece together their significance as you listen. Those kind of run parallel to how the Ginsberg poem was inserted into the record.”

“I think now is the time when our generation is going to start realizing its potential and putting aside everything else. You know, we had four years to think about the fact that we’re depressed, we had four years to think about the fact that we didn’t know where our place was in the world. It wasn’t like past generations where you didn’t have the luxury of that time. I think now we’ve dealt with it, and now that we have dealt with it, I think we have incredible, boundless potential.”

You go to Taco Bell because you want Taco Bell. If you show up at Taco Bell and they say, “Hey, fuck you, we only serve burgers now,” chances are you’re going to be bummed. Not necessarily because the burger is bad, but because you wanted Taco Bell. But if you show up there every day and they keep giving you a straight-up hard taco, you’re going to eventually get sick of Taco Bell. And then that’s where the Doritos Locos taco comes in, because it’s still a taco, but it’s even newer and even better. And so, that’s what we’re going for. You come to the Wonder Years because you want a Wonder Years record, and you’re going to get it…except now it’s in a nacho-cheese shell.